Expectations and results . How do you define them when you are embarking on a marketing and business development initiative? It’s not easy because the tendency is to define results as cases in the door. That is like judging success only by a million dollar check. And we both know that is unrealistic. 

I work with several clients on creating blogs and here is what I tell them to think about as their initial expectations and results…

1. Find a niche and write compelling posts… people will find you.

2. Be conversational and informative… people will want to return time and time again.

3. Post frequently on "Hot Topics"… Google will find you.

4. Be consistent and reliable… the press will recognize you.

5. Be patient… you build it and they will come.


My client Miami attorney Rosa Schecter of Eckstsein Schecter Law saw her blog results hitting number one in a Google search (above big names such as ABC News and Bloomberg) on a recent hot topic after only one month of being live. Her blog, Florida Commercial News, which covers "Land, Development, Building and Business," in Florida, has also been picked up by Google under a general "commercial real estate Florida" search and turned up on page one (again beating big names) under the hot topic of home owners suing to get their foreclosed homes back. And last week Rosa got an email from a reporter at the Wall Street Journal requesting comment.

I call those RESULTS! Wouldn’t YOU? Have they turned into a case? No… not yet. But everything is falling into place so cases can’t be far behind.