This week I worked with a client that confessed that he was stressed to the MAX.

We tried to get to the bottom of what the stress was all about. Granted he has a lot to do… isn’t that part of being a lawyer? I suspect that will never change.

He is doing all the right things in order to develop business. He is working his plan. He is building relationships with potential clients. He has found a niche. I assure you he is on the right track… and just needs to trust that it will all work out. I know this is easy to say. I know from experience that generally it does work out. If you think about it… when was the last time you failed at something you put 110% effort toward? I suspect never.

Today Seth Godin wrote a post that puts it all into perspective. "Perhaps your anxiety is specific to magicians." He writes…

I found that quote in a strangely-translated instruction manual for an obscure but beautiful trick. But it has wide applicability. 

Perhaps your anxiety is specific to artists or musicians or to anyone who has to stand up and stand out and stand for something. It turns out that your anxiety isn’t specific at all. Perhaps it is due to the fact that you’re trying to control things that you can’t possibly control. Your anxiety might merely be a sign that you care deeply about your work. Anxiety is almost never a useful emotion to carry around. Even for magicians. Now that you’ve been reminded that you care, it pays to let the anxiety go. Good riddance.

A lawyer who wants to control things… Never! YOU care and that is clear. If you are doing everything you can… (YOU know when you are) the effort will pay off. Trust in yourself!