Do you really want to head into 2012 doing business as usual? REALLY? I think NOT!

I’m on the faculty of The Managing Partner Forum, presented by John Remsen, and earlier this month the Fall Leadership Conference was held in Chicago. There were some great morsels to ponder and spark conversation.

Brian Burke, former Managing Partner at Baker Daniels suggested that as Managing Partners you need to think more like a CEO and less like a lawyer. Hmmm…

Lawyers are trained to help clients and be right ALL the time… in business you have to learn to be sort-of-right. Business initiatives are more about progress.

Lawyers are trained to look at precedence. Who else has done this? In business sometimes it’s more about leading and blazing new trails.

I think every lawyer… Managing Partner or not… could benefit from this thinking and approach the law as a lawyer and the business of law as a CEO. This could make a huge difference in your business development progress in 2012… don’t you think?

Black Pearl: If you haven’t read it… Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… And Others Don’t, by Jim Collins. You will be inspired.