Relationship marketing is great client service to the degree that they give you more and more work… or a referral source is so pleased that they sent YOU the referral, they send more and more. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is simple IF you are conscious of what and why you are nurturing the relationships. Here are 5 things to stay focused on…

1. Remember you are always marketing. Yes, that’s right, we sometimes get caught up in the moment of an issue and say or do things that we wouldn’t if we were trying to land a new matter. Well guess what? You are trying to land a new matter, so act accordingly.

2. Everyone says they are responsive, but are they really? You be! Make a 4-hour-rule and stick to it. Every client and referral source gets a response within 4 hours. Over time your clients and referral sources will know you mean it.

3. How can you be of further assistance. Another practice area, a bit of information, a kind gesture… be of assistance EVEN if it is non-billable. It will pay-off in the long run.

4. Listen… I mean REALLY listen. People rarely feel listened to. Give your clients and referral sources the gift of listening genuinely.

5. Remember, it take 7 times more money and time to get a new client or referral source than to satisfy the ones you already have.

Stay focused. Existing clients and referral sources are low-hanging fruit waiting for you to pick… and you get more bang for your buck. So I ask you… how much of your marketing and business development time are you going to devote to relationship marketing?

Black Pearl: Here is blog post on the things relationship marketing is NOT –  Copyblogger. I think you will find it informative and amusing.