What makes YOU different from the thousands of lawyers that DO what you do?

As I discussed earlier this week… knowing what business you are REALLY in is the place to start. After you have done that ask yourself these questions…

  1. What am I REALLY good at?
  2. What do clients comment on most often?
  3. Can others claim this? If so… have they?
  4. What do I LOVE doing?
  5. Is there a demand for this? If so… will they pay for it?

When you make your lists, ask someone close to you to help you brainstorm, because we don’t often see our strengths as the outside world sees them. 

Why should you spend time doing this? Because it’s your points of differentiation that you need to leverage when you are developing business. These points should be what you talk about, and knowing them will help you figure out what to write about. Not to mention that working from your strength and uniqueness is easier since it helps you standout from the crowd.

Black Pearl: Want to have fun? Get the book "Strength Finders 2.0" by Tom Rath. It has a special password to allow you to take a test that will give you your 5 TOP strengths. It will blow you away. Mine were so accurate that a friend asked if my photo was next to the definition. It is a great tool to help you gain clarity on your strengths.