How many of you have tons of friends, family, school classmates, colleagues and acquaintances? Come on… everybody does. But for some reason we think of these people in personal terms and never think about leveraging the relationship to develop business. I’m not talking about "selling" to them; I’m talking about telling stories that give them a memorable example of your expertise.

I went to a dinner party at a couple’s house who are both lawyers and let me tell you dinner conversation was watching MASTERS at story telling. The women is an IP lawyer and she told a story about the seizure of counterfeit Singer Sewing Machines… she and the feds at the port with guns and sirens. My 5′ 2" friend mesmerized the table and I’m telling you they will not forget her counterfeit story any time soon. Her husband is a maritime lawyer and had spent time in the Middle East; his stories were equally fascinating and topical. They were gracious and interesting hosts.

Nearly every lawyer has a practice that the average person can relate to.  It’s not about explaining the law… it’s about telling the story of how it affects the lives of the people you help. 

Here are three things to help you…

First: Put them in writing… script out several stories that you could tell that illustrate how you help people or companies. Make them short, powerful and memorable.

Next: Share from your heart… with passion and enthusiasm. 

Lastly: The more stories you tell… the more stories you will think of, and you will get VERY good at it.

Storytelling is the cornerstone of civilization. Master the art of storytelling… and ensure that your friends, family, school classmates, colleagues and acquaintances understand how YOU help your clients. They will think of YOU the next time someone asks them if they know a lawyer who does what you do.