Business on the go is just the way it is these days. Whether it is 5 miles from home or 5000.  We have all established a few habits… some good and others not so good. We can all use a new perspective. Last month Attorney at Work published a great E-Guide for Mobile Lawyers.

No matter how you slice it… traveling isn’t easy. Delays, airport food, too much work, too little time… There are masters. Road warriors, they have found little secrets that make their travel… more secure, less stressful and more productive.


1. Patrick McKenna advises: "Unless you are staying for a protracted period of time, keep your hotel room clean and make your own bed and do not let anyone from housekeeping into your room. Also leave the TV set on when you leave your room— even in a five-star hotel."

2. Sally Schmidt shares her travel motto: "Accept that which you cannot change. Weather, mechanical problems, meetings running late … I’ve had my share of extra nights on the road, which can be tremendously frustrating when all you want to do is go home. So I have learned to just accept and, if possible, even embrace it. The last time I got snowed in overnight, I treated myself to a really nice room at the Four Seasons (on my own dime)."

3. John Tredennick has a great one to share: " put on my Bose headphones, turn on music and write. This is also the time to work through long documents or just think about something. Indeed, I have said half-kiddingly that I should just head to the airport each morning, get on a plane and circle around Denver for the day. I would get a lot done. Of course, the addition of internet services on flights might put a crimp in things.

Being tied to the office is certainly a thing of the past. We have more tools and ideas than we know what to do with… But how to make sense of it all is another question. The section… Productivity: Power Tips + Tools to Keep You Functioning on the Fly has a few little jewels that I will try ASAP!


1. Larry Port recommends: Square allows you to easily collect credit card payments with a mobile device. A small credit card reader plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone or Android device. The 2.75 percent rate on each transaction is extremely reasonable, especially considering you don’t need a merchant account with the corresponding fees. The setup process is quick, so you can start accepting payments via credit card instantly. Just know your trust account obligations before you start accepting credit card payments.

2. Andrea Cannavina advises: Always choose to connect through your own ISP, Wi-Fi, aircard or mobile hotspot if you can get a signal.

3.  National Purchasing Partners (NPP) and Verizon share a great app: GoodReader. Mashable describes this PDF reader for the iPad as “a Swiss Army knife of awesome!” and other reviews—including here— acclaim it as an iPad essential. Why? For one, GoodReader allows you to read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps and more. For another, you can mark up PDFs and easily send them on their way to keep your work flowing. $4.99.

The joy of travel. Embrace it. Be open-minded and consider these tips to help you be present in the moment.