Are you marketing or are you developing business… DAH! Marketing IS supposed to develop business and so is client service and so is delivering excellent work product on time and under budget.

In my book there is no separation… all these activities are done in order to get more work. And everyone at every level in the firm should be responsible for developing business to some degree. Now, I know that sounds a little radical… but think about it. There is no work to be done… no rent gets paid… no supplies are needed… no briefs need to be written… if there is NO business development! So why should business development be relegated to the very few within a firm? In my opinion it shouldn’t.

TEN business development activities for many people at many levels in a firm…

1. Be welcoming… answering the phones quickly and in a friendly manner.

2. Return phone calls and emails… on a timely basis.

3. Do what you say you’re going to do… your integrity is at stake.

4. Visit a client without charging them… demonstrate your commitment.

5. Show kindness at all levels… being nice to the receptionist is as important as being nice to the president.

6. Take pride in your work… and tell people you know that your firm does great work.

7. Sending handwritten notes isn’t just for the rainmakers… a personal note goes a long way.

8. Say HELLO… you never know whom you may meet.

9. Be happy… yes, no one wants to be around a grouch.

10. Say THANK YOU often… make your mom proud!

Is this list in your firms DNA? If not… start by being an example. Remember… it’s all about business development!

Black Pearl: I’ve mentioned this one before and in this conversation bears repeating. Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard.