The past few days I have been focusing on… how I can be more efficient and accomplish more in less time. I’ve been reading books, blogs and listening to CDs. And I have picked up lots of tidbits that I think are going to make a difference. The best… I ran across a very interesting observation in David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done...

Why Bright People Procrastinate the Most

It’s really the smartest people who have the highest number of undecided things in their lives and on their lists. Why is that? Think of how our bodies respond to the images we hold in our minds. It appears that the nervous system can’t tell the difference between a well-imagined thought and reality.

If your body responds to pictures you give it, how are you likely to feel physically when you think about, say, doing your taxes? Are you sending yourself "easy", "let’s go," completion, success and "I’m a winner!" pictures? Probably not. For just that reason, what kinds of people would be the most resistant to being reminded about a project like that… that is, who would procrastinate the most? Of course, it would be the most creative, sensitive, and intelligent people. Because their sensitivity gives them the capacity of producing in their minds lurid nightmare scenarios about what might be involved in doing a project, and all the negative consequences that might occur if it weren’t done perfectly! They just freak out in an instant and quit!

WOW! Does that sound like anyone you know? No wonder, all we have to do is mention BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and some people start thinking about how it never works and how uncomfortable it is to even try. NOW that we know this… knowledge is power… we don’t have to let our minds run away with us. We can recognize when it’s happening and push through it.

Black Pearl: "I’m under a lot of pressure…" Seth Godin points out that it is the pressure WE impose on ourselves. Interesting insight take a look.

Great Quote: Mark Twain "I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened".