I have several clients that seem to know everyone in town. They are leaders in their social circles, their religious circles… the list goes on and on. But they never seem to get work from those people. 

They are all great lawyers with years of experience and solid expertise in their fields. They see lawyers with less experience and expertise get the work. 

Why do you think that is so? They don’t ask for the work! They don’t want to appear PUSHY! Well, you will never get what you don’t ask for… the answer is ALWAYS no to a question never asked.

People with great relationship skill don’t necessarily make good business developers for the simple reason that they seldom ask others for business. The ASK shouldn’t be pushy, it just has to be clear. Be absolutely clear about what you are asking for and be specific. If you want more foreclosure work say so…  

I’m building my foreclosure practice, if you know of someone who is being foreclosed on please give them my name… I would be happy to help them.

The referral source will connect your name with foreclosures. That is what is called "being top of mind"… highly desirable when you are trying to develop business.

Black Pearl: The Miami Herald ran an article by Manny Garcia-Tunon titled "Don’t be afraid to ask for the order". It’s a story about the author’s ability to make friends vs. sales. You may see a little of yourself in his story. Enjoy!