Okay… you are doing all the business development initiatives and your phone is ringing. You are even getting the opportunity to have an initial consultation. But you are not converting your prospects into clients. WHY?

Most of my clients say they think it’s about money. I think chances are 80% of the time it is something else. Here is my list of five questions you need to consider each time you get the opportunity to meet with a prospect.

1. Do they connect with YOU?

2. Do they see the VALUE you provide? 

3. Do you know if they have a sense of urgency to solve this legal matter?

4. Do they understand what is at stake if they don’t solve this matter?

5. Do they know how qualified you are to solve this matter?

Becoming proficient at converting prospects into clients is key to building a book of business. Show your confidence without bragging. Take charge without being overbearing. Let’s face it… they have a legal issue they are grappling with, otherwise they wouldn’t be sitting in front of you… make sure they understand that YOU are the best qualified to handle their matter.  Ask powerful questions that will give them comfort that they will be in great hands. Dazzle them with your understanding and insight.