Is business development low on your priority list… you will get to it when you have time? My good friend Cordell Parvin posted on his blog… Key Client Development Point: Never Be Content, where he challenges his readers to push themselves and stay HUNGRY. It got me thinking… what makes us move forward on our business development efforts?

1. Desire to be the BEST.

2. Desire to FEEL successful. 

3. Desire to KEEP your job.

4. Desire to be the TRUSTED advisor.

5. For the sheer CHALLENGE of it.

6. For the FREEDOM it brings.

7. Fear of FAILURE.

8. Fear of being LEFT BEHIND.

9. Because you have been ORDERED to do it.

10. Because if you don’t… WHO else will?

Whatever your reason… if you do not have a book of business you will forever be dependent on others to feed you. And all you have is a desk to do your work… a job, for now! Business development is a vital part of any law practice… big or small. I am sure you have heard the terms FINDER, MINDER and GRINDER. The finders and minders have control over their destiny because they bring in the work or get more work from existing clients. There is nothing wrong with being a grinder… as long as you and the people you work with know it… and there is a clear understanding that when there isn’t enough work to feed you, it will be time to move on. If you think you can be a FINDER or MINDER… get moving!