You can’t replace face-to-face, but you sure can support it. Here’s what to consider this year.

On Tuesday I mentioned that 2011 should be your year to rebel against social media. But that doesn’t mean throw it away. It just means make smarter use of it. Meet someone at a lunch? Add them to your LinkedIn network. Keep tabs on where your clients and contacts are working—then congratulate them (pick up the phone!) when you see they’ve gotten a promotion. Promote your blog (if you have one) on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Offer your articles as downloads on those sites as well. Get to know what applications and sites work for you and your life and make good use of them. Just don’t put all your eggs in one social media basket.

Black Pearl: Here’s a great post from entitled “Social Media Strategies for 2011: Misconceptions Mask Stumbling Points and Opportunities”. Though it speaks to companies, I think you’ll find it interesting! And be sure to read the comments.