This week I had the good fortune to visit with my friend Kevin McKeown, the President of Lexblog in Seattle. We had a 3 hour breakfast… it was one of those meetings you don’t want to end! We exchanged more ideas in 3 hours then most people share in a year. What fun! One of the treasures he shared with me is his new blog… Leadership Close Up, and of course (you guessed it) I want to share one of his posts with you… Are you Using the Internet as a Tool for Accelerating Your Relationships and Word-of-Mouth? Here are his 7 tips…

1. Listen before you engage online (use tools like Google Alerts, Twitter, Zite, Flipboard, LXBN, etc.)

2. Strategy first, tools second (duh…)

3. Your authentic content matters most (developing a relationship of trust starts with your willingness to listen and share)

4. Leverage & repurpose your content in more efficient ways (this post started out as an email to a potential client that I converted into a tweet, etc.)

5. Converse with the right audience (amplifiers, influencers, thought leaders) in an engaging way: talk “with” not “at” (for concept see whiteboard below)

6. Seed & distribute your content via LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Website, LXBN, etc. (amplify)

7. Others will spread your content across their social networks if you make that content easy to share (see 6)

He adds…

If this list seems like a bunch of common sense then good. I leave the mystery and intrigue to others. A few other things:

  • Approach life and business with an abundance mentality

  • Keeps things simple (perfection is overrated)

  • Listen with the INTENT to learn then participate and share

I love Kevin’s approach. Yes… it is simple and common sense. However we need to be reminded over and over again. Especially… PERFECTION IS OVERRATED!

P.S. Check out his photographs. He inspired me to share mine… stay tuned!