*Special Friday Post

Some people (though I would venture to guess there are very few) are born to network. They can talk, and more importantly connect, with just about anyone who steps into their path. For the rest of us it takes a little work. A few weeks ago my staff and I began discussing “elevator speeches”—those 30-second pitches you should have at the ready when opportunity presents itself. Earlier this week we were similarly intrigued by a Today Show segment entitled “How To Schmooze.” Though it may not be directed at lawyers, it’s a great introduction on connecting and networking for those who think they’re too shy to do it well. Take a look at the clip below (If you’re having trouble viewing it, it’s also available here) …and keep your eye out for our upcoming posts on “Elevator Speeches.” And, as always, feel free to leave your best networking (or schmoozing!) tip in the comments section. Enjoy!