A couple of years ago, one of our clients sat next to a stranger on a plane. The two men got to talking about their work as you do when your legs are cramped and you’re stuck breathing stale air. Eventually, they exchanged business cards and a handshake, then the plane landed and they went their separate ways. They expected to never speak again.

However, our client had hope! When he got back to his office, he added his travel companion’s email address to his newsletter mailing list. Every month, the lawyer’s blogs and videos showed up in this guy’s inbox. Months later, my client got a call out of the blue. The caller said, “I don’t know if you remember me, but a year ago, we sat next to each other on a plane. I’m starting a business, and I need an attorney. I’ve been getting your newsletter, and I think you’re the guy.”

That right there is the power of content to close a client. In our experience, attorneys can market in a handful of ways: networking, email and print newsletters, pay per click, public speaking, ads on the radio, TV, social media…you get the picture. But if you were to map out all of the different types of marketing you do, then you’d realize that content is sitting at the center like a friendly spider in the middle of a big, sticky web. If you set up your marketing correctly, then no matter where someone enters your marketing system, they should eventually end up engaging your content.

Let’s go back to the airplane. When our client handed over his business card, he was networking. Then, he doubled down by sending his lead his email newsletter. But it was the content within that newsletter that convinced the entrepreneur he wanted to do business. The same is true in pay-per-click advertising. Once it drives a lead to your website, it’s your blog entries, videos, and social media posts that reveal your expertise and seal the deal. If you have the right content strategy, then even a quick skim is enough to make the difference.

At least 75% of your future clients will interact with your content before they make an appointment, and the other 25% will still check it out before coming into the office. That inevitability is the No. 1 reason content can enhance your overall marketing. Content itself doesn’t always create leads or potential new clients, but it’s the ultimate enhancer of everything else you’re doing. Great content is the middle and bottom of the funnel — it pulls leads in and brings them closer to a yes.

There’s another reason content is the most effective tool in your arsenal: It influences what people think about you and your firm. The more content you have and resources you provide, the more reputable and experienced you’ll appear. Imagine you have a basic website, while the lawyer down the street has all of the content bells and whistles: a blog, FAQ videos, a newsletter, a free resource download, and more. Who looks like a more serious, reputable lawyer?

The truth is that content builds and reinforces reputation and expertise. But what matters most is that it’s the spider in the center of the web: If your content is targeted and robust, then it will improve all of your other marketing efforts because they’re all connected. Content doesn’t live in a vacuum and neither does your other marketing!

The improvement your content creates may not translate directly to more clients. Instead, it might mean more consults, or that your clients are more confident in you, or that the leads you close are worth twice as much. Whatever the specific outcome, though, it’s sure to be positive. We’ve seen this time and time again! If you want to hear some more examples, then give us a call. We’re happy to talk numbers and show you how a good content strategy can revolutionize your business.