Frustrated with Bar Association networking? Forget the Bar Associations…look for networking opportunities in your daily life will make you happier, calmer and more productive in marketing and business development.

This week we asked: Are you looking for networking opportunities in your everyday life?

1. Yes – 29%

2. No – 26%

3. Sometimes – 45%

My Thoughts: Good for the 29% of your who said you DO in fact look for opportunities in your everyday life! For the rest of you… stop and look around.

Trying to fit industry events into an already crowded schedule will only frustrate you and make you less productive. You’ll go into the event rushed, annoyed, and wanting to be somewhere else…not the vibe you want to give off to potential clients and referral sources.

So stop forcing them upon yourself. If your schedule is that packed, stop and take inventory of where you’ll be. A school event for your children? Perfect place to let other parents and school faculty know what you do by volunteering your time and knowledge. Committed to your church or temple? Offer your legal services pro bono. Play a sport? Let your teammates know what you do all day long and you can be sure they’ll be the first to send you business. Networking doesn’t have to be WORK, make it fit into your life and reap the rewards…without sacrificing your schedule.

Another good (and similar) piece of advice comes from my good friend Yery Marrero of Marrero Bozorgi:

Periodically take inventory of your network and make sure it’s not one-note. Include everyone—from small businesses to CEOs—and remember to look for contacts everywhere. It will foster diversity, widen your reach and open up a whole new world of potential clients.

Black Pearl: Need a boost? Try “How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships,” by Leil Lowndes. It’s filled with great tips for breaking the ice and starting conversation!