A long list of organizations may look impressive to some, but how much is it really helping your marketing and business development?

This week we asked: How many organizations do you take an active leadership role in?

1. None – 0%

2. 1-3 – 72%

3. 4-6 – 0%

4. 7-10 – 28%

5. More than 10 – 0%

My Thoughts:  28% are active in more than 7 organizations. From my point of view I can’t imagine how one could practice law and be a leader in more than 7 organizations. If you can, more power to you… but I suspect the leadership is minimal. Now for the 72% who are leaders in 1-3 organizations… congratulations!

Making the most of your membership means truly committing to that organization and taking an active role in its functions and operations. Dedicate yourself to organizations that mean something to you—whether it’s a personal cause or mission, or a trade organization that caters to your target industry (and clients). Then make sure you get to know the leadership by offering your help and services. It can be as simple as writing an article for their newsletter to as involved as hosting a fundraiser. Dedicate your time, your knowledge and your services and with time the referrals will start flowing.

John Sumberg of Bilzin Sumberg stresses this point to all his attorneys. Says Sumberg:

Always remember that business development is about creating relationships, not making sales.”

Black Pearl: This piece by Terrie Wheeler has further tips for maximizing your involvement in industry associations…and a great list of online resources which will help you find the right ones!