You’ve probably heard the statement “Content Is King” before. But do you know why?

Here’s the thing about content. Because everyone engages your content no matter where they come from — leads, referrals, people that are in your existing network, colleagues, people that find you online — no matter where somebody comes from or how they know you, they’re going to engage your content.

Because of this, the right content strategy makes all of your marketing work better. So no matter how somebody finds you, whether they’re referred to you, they found you online, or met you at a networking event, they’re going to go to your website.

If you have a good marketing strategy in place, they’re going to hopefully get your email newsletter. Then they’re going to be exposed to your social media presence. Then they’re going to be exposed to your blogs. See what’s happening? Your content actually enhances and affects all of your marketing efforts whether they’re online or offline, lead generation, or just you getting out there and networking.

The right content strategy makes your marketing work and the right content strategy is going to do things like position your firm as the expert, educate your audience, and help you stay top-of-mind. When those things happen, people think of you in the moment of need.

You become the go-to expert, the leader, and the one that people want to work with. That’s why content is king. It makes all of your marketing work better because it affects every aspect of marketing, even down to people you meet while networking because those people are going to be exposed to your content and interact with it. From there, your content is going to keep you top of mind and is going to enhance your image and your reputation so that you become the expert that people want to work with.

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