Research shows that it literally takes only TWO seconds for people to develop a strong first impression.

Smart… not so smart. Likeable… not so likable. Charming… not so charming.

So what could that be based on? The visual of course, it’s the first thing that impacts your brand. It’s your package… your visual identity… your trademark.

Take a moment to think about the image you project…

Is it professional or casual?
Is it neat or dishevel?
Is it memorable or unimpressive?
Is it unique or like everyone else?
Is it who you want to be or did it just happen?

Take charge… think about what you want others to think when you enter a room. Then create the visual that will reflect that quality. Enlist a friend that will be brutally honest to give you feedback. My advice is to add an element that is unique, make it memorable.

After giving a personal branding speech a judge stopped me to say, “You know I wear a hat all the time and now that you mention it, I realize it’s my trademark. People don’t recognize me without it.”

Black Pearl – Lawyerist talks about dressing for interview success. It’s great advice you could apply to client meetings as well as interviews.