Take a moment to reflect…

Are you a listener or do you talk too much?

Are you energetic or passive?

Are you punctual or are you habitually late?

Are you open-minded or are you argumentative?

Are you focused or scattered?

Are you in control or are you always behind?

Are you kind or are you dismissive?

Are you decisive or are you wishy-washy?

Are you a approachable or are you a sour-puss?

Are you a resource of information or do you horde information?

These are traits that are visible to the world and reflect who you are… your brand personality. Identify the traits that best describe you… be honest. I would suspect that some of them you are not particularly proud of… right? (We all have them.)

So now let’s answer the questions… What do you want to be known for? What do you want to do about the things you’re not so proud of? Can you adapt a new way of being? Do you WANT to?

If you have the desire and the commitment… 2011 can be the year you move to a whole new level of how you project your personal brand and how the world responds to you. Be the person you want to be… your personal brand is the most powerful tool you have. It can enhance your legal skills or undermine them. It’s your choice. Create a personal brand that you are proud to step into each and every day. And when you get off track… pull yourself together and get back on track.

In 2011 craft your personal brand with thought and intention.