Yesterday, I gave a speech on personal branding and as part of what I do for this presentation… I googled everyone in the room. It’s eye opening for the people in the audience that seldom do it. How much of that first page is YOU? This is important to know since anyone that wants to check you out will google you… so what will they find? One women in the audience found out she died last year and someone else won a coloring contest… of course that was not them. But your prospective clients can’t be sure and besides do you want them to have to sift through all of that? I don’t think so.

Take a moment to google yourself. Are you on the 1st page? Is the content substantive? Are you proud of it? Does it add to your credibility? If the answer is NO to any of the questions, you can do something about it. Consider writing a blog and articles on a consistent basis. This is the best way to dominate your name on google. Before I started writing articles and blogging I had 20% of the first page of google. One entry was my website and the other was Amazon where my books are sold. But now? I have 90% of the first page of google and that is out of 9.2 million entries. Yes… 9.2 million. There are a lot of Paula Blacks. And in addition, the shoe industry names their shoe styles with women’s names and they often use the name Paula and you guessed it… they ALL come in black! Who can compete with women’s shoes? I did! I dominate my name on the 1st page of google. Do YOU?