It may not be the most frequently ASKED question by my clients, but I can guarantee you it’s certainly the most frequently thought.  So rather than give you theory—I want to give you results. This week we’ll take a break from the norm to look at two successful bloggers, the results they’ve achieved and how they got to where they are. First up: Adrianos Facchetti of California Defamation Law Blog.
Adrianos estimates that an astounding one-half to two-thirds of his business comes from his blog, which has been steadily growing since he launched in September of 2008. I spoke to him by phone last week and here’s what we can all learn from him…

Don’t underestimate the power of a blog. 

I get calls from people all over the U.S., people in 30 countries read my blog and I get asked all the time to work on matters as co-counsel. I recently got my first legitimate 7-figure case. I wouldn’t have been contacted if it weren’t for my blog.

Find your place.

You have to pick a really specific niche [to be successful]. Choose something very specific and be known as the person who does that specific thing.

A blog can affect your practice.

[If it weren’t for the blog] I think my practice would be more scattered. I would probably just be a general litigator, taking everything I could. The blog forced me to learn even more about my subject. I was practicing defamation law before, but this allowed me to get my information in front of more people and gain credibility.

Be patient.

I didn’t get any clients from the blog for a long time. At least until six months after I started. This last 12 months is when it’s really kicked up a notch.

Thank you Adrianos for your insights. Let us all remember that results don’t happen overnight. If you know your stuff your credibility will shine through and your niche market will find you.