Many lawyers have said to me that they don’t have a personal brand. But they most certainly do… they just didn’t create it consciously. Everything one does adds to their personal brand… positively or negatively. But we don’t often see it that way. The question here is can we change it? Sure we can. Should we change it? Absolutely. If you are working on business development it is imperative that you craft the personal brand that will get you where you want to go. 

But… it isn’t easy. Seth Godin talked about… "Changing Personas". He defines a marketing persona "as the posture or approach or attitude you bring to the market"… your personal brand positioning.

Change is needed when what we are doing doesn’t work any more and we need to move to the next level. He pushes back with:

"Please don’t tell me about authenticity. Brands and personas are made, not born, and we use them because they work, not because our DNA ordains us to. When they stop working, it’s time to change them." 


  • You first have to make a commitment to do it. Not just put it on a list, I mean the kind of commitment that is uncompromising.
  • Make a plan… you need to know where you are headed. What do you want to be known for? What do you want people to think when they hear your name?
  • Get into action… do something every single day. Show the world you are who you say you are and do it little step by little step.

No, it isn’t easy… but becoming a lawyer wasn’t either. Legal business development will be less arduous if you have a strong personal brand… persona… reputation… OR whatever you would like to call it. It is easier for people to send you referrals or hire you when they can clearly understand your values… small and large.