Be direct. You never want to hear… "You talkin’ to me?"

Identify your target market. I mean PICK one! No… You can’t talk to EVERYBODY. You try and do that and NO ONE will listen. The message becomes so generic or watered down that nobody thinks you’re talking to them.

So where do you begin? You narrow your focus… pick a slice of the market that you serve in your practice area. It maybe a segment of an industry, a group with a particular problem or green eyed children born to left handed women! Be the biggest fish in the smallest pond. Here are 4 strategies to put into place:

1. Speak the language of your target market. Use their terminology, refer to the things they do and they way they think. Doing this makes it very clear to your audience that you KNOW them… it gives you credibility. What would happen to MY credibility if I referred to your firm as a company? It would be out the window I’m sure!

2. Tell stories that are relevant to their lives. Not only does it connect you to them, but also stories are memorable. They are memorable because they conjure up an image and evoke emotion. When told well they are very powerful tools.

3. Let your personal brand shine. Give some considerable thought to what you want to be known for and make sure your writing reflects that, and YOUR personal brand will soon become clear to your target audience. Approachable… Attention to detail… A get it done kinda guy… All of these can be illustrated in your writing without having to come out and say those exact words.

4. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition… did I say repetition? Yes, that is what cements your personal brand into the memory of others, and believe me when I say… there is NO substitute for it!

You know how it feels when someone looks you in the eye and seems to be truly interested in YOU… it feels great and it creates a connection in a way that is exclusive. THAT, my friends is what these strategies will do for you. When you put them into action, soon it will be… "Oh my… you’re talkin’ to ME!"