There are 4 simple ways that you can dramatically increase your visibility– and credibility– in the circles you want to be known.

This week we asked: In the past six months I have:

Written an article – 51%
Given a speech – 19%
Made use of social media – 4%
Started a book – 0%
Done nothing to increase my visibility – 26%

My thoughts:
It’s great that 74% of you have done SOMETHING over the past six months to increase visibility. It all ties into building your personal brand!

For those of you who have yet to read my E-book “Be A Celebrity In Your Own World,” I thought I would go over a few quick points in the 4-step plan. For more in-depth discussion, click the link in the Black Pearl below—it’s a quick and easy read.  For those who have already read it, I’m curious to know what actions you’ve taken since then and how you’ve seen your visibility improve.

  • First, articles—write them on a regular basis and post them. If you post one article in 10 directories every week for a year and it’s picked up 4 times a week… that’s 728 content-driven spots on the Internet bearing your name and your expertise. Just make sure it gels with your personal brand.
  • Second, speeches and seminars—Let your brand come through in person by forging face-to-face relationships. Create speeches from the content of your articles.
  • Third, social media—no matter what you’re feelings on the subject you don’t want to be the only one left out. At the very least get your profile on LinkedIn, for the more social media-savvy consider a blog (more on this topic next week!).
  • Finally, the book—it doesn’t have to be long, or even published by a major publishing house. It will give you instant credibility and is an incredible marketing tool.

The thing to remember with all of these strategies is this: do everything through the prism of your own personal branding. Make sure that everything that is put out into the world reflects the visual and verbal ideas that you’ve set up and that it speaks directly to your target market.

As my colleague Peter Russin of Meland Russin & Budwick said:

One’s ability to generate business depends in large part on reputation and visibility. Reputations are built via hard work and providing intelligent,creative, ethical, caring advice to clients. Visibility is achieved by being involved in professional and charitable organizations, going to public functions, and publishing well-written material.

Black Pearl:  As I mentioned above,  download my free e-book “How To Be A Celebrity In Your Own World.” It’s short and informative and will spell out, in detail, the strategies I’ve covered in this post.