Whether it’s bow ties, a bald head or a signature pin, never underestimate the power of your visual identity… it can make you memorable.

This week we asked:
I have a clear visual identity or trademark…

Yes 0%
No  50%
Maybe 50%

My Thoughts: So, no one is clear and we are evenly split between uncertainty and no vision. Pinpointing what makes you memorable is the first step in using it to your advantage. I hope this conversation has opened eyes and encouraged you to find your own. Can’t think of anything? Ask your friends, family and colleagues!

As for mine? I always wear black. Everywhere, everyday, and to every meeting or event that I attend. And you can bet that people remember my name. That’s the power of a visual trademark. A personal brand means a package that may not be perfect, but is certainly unique. Think about the last time you met someone new—on first glance what would they remember about you? What makes you stand out?

Some great examples of linking a visual identity with a memory can be seen within the fragrance industry. I would be willing to bet that almost everyone reading this would be able to identify their favorite perfume or cologne simply by the shape of the bottle. Now close your eyes and imagine the smell of that fragrance. Got it? That’s packaging. On the people side there are more examples than I can even relay: think Larry King’s suspenders, Jackie Kennedy’s sunglasses, or even Albert Einstein’s hair (I bet you immediately recognized him–even in bobblehead form!). The key is to stand out from the crowd.

As my colleague John Genovese of Genovese Joblove & Battista says:

First impressions are the most important, you’ll never get to re-do a first meeting.

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