You have a website – great! Even better, you utilized the elements we’ve written about here and here to make a great website. Even better than that? Many of you hired us to build it for you!

Of course, there’s always room for improvement, and depending on your marketing goals, there are some things you can do to really make your website go to work for you.

1. Add Chat Functionality

Those chat boxes you see in the corner of many websites have been shown to increase conversion. Whether you use an app that allows you or someone in your office to speak to visitors, you outsource it (like our friends at, or you have an AI bot with predetermined codes, these have been proven to improve your website’s conversion rate.

2. Retargeting Pixel

If you’re running PPC ads or just want to target people who have visited your website with specific social media posts, you can add a pixel code to your website that will then generate an audience that will see your content. Unless you’re a marketing aficionado, this one is best left to a marketing expert, as there are several steps in this process. However, it could be a great way to continue getting in front of people who visited your website.

3. Online Scheduling

Want to make it easier for people to book consultations with you? Skip the contact forms and having your receptionist reach out to schedule a consultation. Instead, integrate your calendar with an app like Calendly, You Can Book Me, or others and streamline your booking process!

4. Optimize for Mobile

It’s absolutely shocking how many attorney websites don’t work well on mobile devices even though that’s where the bulk of web traffic comes from these days. If your website is more than five years old, there’s a good chance that it doesn’t load properly on phones or tablets. If someone is searching for an attorney and finds a clunky, broken website on their phone, they’re likely not going to hire you.

Your website can be a great marketing tool on its own, but adding these extra bells and whistles can really put it to work for you and make things easier. If you’d like to know more, contact us today!