We’ve said it many times – video is a great way to break down barriers and show off your expertise. The best part is that you don’t have to be an on-camera professional like your local news anchor in order to make great videos. Here are a few easy tips that will make your next set of videos look great!

1. Think about the background

You don’t necessarily need to place yourself in front of a sprawling bookshelf full of thick legal encyclopedias. However, you may also want to reconsider sitting in front of a blank white wall. Find a good spot in your office, home, or elsewhere that provides an aesthetically pleasing background. If you shoot your videos outdoors, make sure you have a good microphone that filters out all of the background noise!

2. Think about how you look

As with the background, you don’t need to wear your courthouse attire for the video. People already know you’re a lawyer, so unless your firm’s personality calls for the suit and tie, you don’t need to feel pressured to wear one. Instead, wear something casual, almost as if you weren’t making a video, but you were just talking to someone on the street. Speaking of, that brings us to our next point…

3. Don’t script your content

Videos that are scripted and recited from memory feel robotic and make you look disconnected from your audience. Instead, just imagine that someone has approached you on the street (or maybe one of your golfing buddies asked you a legal question on the seventh hole). How would you respond in that scenario? Those are the kinds of off-the-cuff answers that make videos better to watch.

4. Don’t overthink your technology

While there’s certainly value in investing in a videographer with a good camera and microphone, people actually don’t mind watching a video where you’ve pulled out your iPhone and shot a quick message. Phones today are so technologically advanced that the recording systems on there are actually pretty good. You’ll get high-quality video from them, so don’t be afraid to shoot your next video on your phone and upload it straight to social media!

Hopefully you can see that shooting a set of videos isn’t that difficult. Just figure out what your videos will be about, think about the tips listed above, and hit the record button. If you still need help with videos, we provide that as a service! Contact us today to learn more.