With more than 22 years experience as an in-house marketer and consultant to law firms, I have seen what works and what doesn’t work for lawyers in developing business. In addition to sharing my insights and experience on my Legal Marketing Blog since January 2005, I offer training sessions to law firms, practice groups, and bar associations.

The training for lawyers provides an overview of marketing and business development for the purpose of getting as many lawyers as possible on the same page; and for the more experienced attorneys, offers a refresher on the tools and techniques that will work best for them individually.

The lawyer training sessions vary from two-hours to six hours in length, or can be expanded to a two-day session. The areas covered include:

  • What marketing is and what it is not
  • Client likes and dislikes
  • Key elements to improve communications and client relationships
  • Most effective business development techniques
  • Meeting client expectations
  • Insight into the development of an action plan (including the drafting of an actual, workable plan to take from the training, depending on the length of the attorney training session).

Following the session, Tom makes himself available to meet with management, key partners or practice group leaders for the purpose of discussing more details on marketing the firm/practice, and to discuss the best way to proceed forward.

Call Tom today for more information about the training sessions at 941-376-3366, or email: TKane@KaneConsultingInc.com.