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Become a Networking “Stalker”

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Too many of us, myself included sometimes, approach networking with first trepidation and then with resignation. Unfortunately, with that approach the results are usually less than satisfactory. One should not just attend a networking function and hope for the best. As in hoping that clients will gravitate to your presence, and you will leave the room with… Continue Reading

Nametags: Waste of time, Not Needed? Wrong!

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Now, stop yawning! This is not as boring a topic as you might think. Thom Singer makes a great case for using this tool that some people think is mundane and “oh, so 60’s”. To those I say with all due respect – horsefeathers!! Nametags are very important in any networking situation.  Heck, I was with a medium-sized law firm … Continue Reading

Work Your Network During the Holidays

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It’s a good idea to touch base with contacts within your network during the holidays. It’s even better than sending holiday cards. Pick up the phone and reach out to everyone you know (okay, if you are THAT popular, not everyone) and wish them a happy holiday season. It especially makes sense to at least speak to every… Continue Reading

Don’t Delay Starting a Networking Conversation

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It’s funny the things you know, but that don’t register until the fact is called to your attention. That happened to me today. I ran across an article on RainToday.com by Ilise Benun of The Marketing Mix blog. Ilise relates a story that came straight home to roost. It’s about Jack, a person who doesn’t like to eat… Continue Reading

Create Your Own Personal Network

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Rather than limit yourself to traditional networking organizations, such as trade groups or other large associations, consider building your own personal network. It’s easier than you may think.  Start with identifying a niche industry you would like to get more work from. Then, think about other non-competing businesses that serve that industry. Finally, recruit one person from each… Continue Reading

Take a Fresh Look at Networking

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Lawyers who are not comfortable “schmoozing” hate networking. The thought of walking into a room full of strangers is worse to them than having a root canal. Death itself would be preferable to some, I know. But networking is not just about socializing with people you don’t know. In fact, networking can be enjoyable if one looks at… Continue Reading