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Hey, Do You Want To Be A Great Lawyer?

Posted in Marketing Tips

In today’s competitive legal world, it is more important than ever to be a GREAT lawyer. That has less to do with your law school credentials than you may think.  Of course clients want great results when it comes to their legal matter. Yes, your capabilities matter in that regard. And in the good old… Continue Reading

Client Communications are Still Critical to Marketing

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

There are many ways lawyers communicate with clients. Whether subtly or otherwise, they do so through their actions, as well as inactions. And either way, these “communications” (or lack thereof), all have a direct impact on the firm’s marketing success. Brian Callan, a practice management advisor with AbacusLaw, sent an email article, with a play… Continue Reading

Send Printed Holiday Cards, Not E-cards

Posted in Marketing Tips

The matter of whether to send printed holiday cards instead of e-cards is one that I feel very strongly about. It is not unlike my view about sending handwritten Thank You notes, instead of emails when expressing gratitude or congratulations to someone. I’ve written and spoken about the topic many, many times on this blog… Continue Reading

Public Speaking: Don’t Wing It!

Posted in Marketing Tips

No matter how many times you have given the same basic talk, always practice before giving it the next time.  I have given a similar marketing speech many, many times.  Occasionally, I have not practiced beforehand and I fell flat.  I was uncomfortable, and at times, tongue-tied. So, I never give a talk without adding… Continue Reading

Encore: Kane’sTop Ten Marketing Tips

Posted in Marketing Tips

Due to my holiday vacation, I decided on another encore presentation of my top ten marketing tips which I first did in 2006. They are just as accurate today as they were then. The only difference would be the increased role of social media today in both networking and writing opportunities.  That notwithstanding, I hope… Continue Reading

Two Key Words for Increased Success

Posted in Marketing Tips

How often do you forget to say “Thank You?” Personally, I stand guilty of this omission occasionally myself. Okay, okay, I know it’s hard to believe, but it does happen. Roy Ginsburg had a post on Attorney at Work awhile back where he talks about mistakes made by job seekers’ in failing to thank the… Continue Reading

Marketing Litigators

Posted in Marketing Tips

Although there are some differences in how to market litigators, there are things that work for transactional lawyers that also work for those who try cases for living. The question as to how to promote a litigation practice was put to three members of LMA whose response in “Marketing a Litigation Practice?” appeared on Attorney… Continue Reading

Stop Wasting Time – Network Smartly

Posted in Marketing Tips

First, get over your fear of networking. How? Treat it as an opportunity to meet and get to know new friends. As I said in another post, don’t put pressure on yourself by thinking you have to come away with a new client every time. Just enjoy yourself!! Okay, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be… Continue Reading