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Law Firm Marketing is Like Politics … and Hunting!

Posted in Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

How timely in this particular month that my old standby for marketing ideas would address the relationship between politics and marketing.  Larry Smith and Richard Levick in 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons for Marketing & Communications Professionals state in today’s meditation: “All marketing is even more local than politics. Marketing is one person at a… Continue Reading

Increase Your Chances Of Getting Unsolicited Referrals

Posted in Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the importance of referrals to the legal marketing efforts of your law practice. Nonetheless, not all lawyers are comfortable asking for referrals from clients and other contacts. They just don’t want to come across as Lazarrus at the temple gate. Mike McLaughlin over at The Guerrilla… Continue Reading

Don’t Respond To Every RFP

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Having just done a post on how to respond to request for proposals (RFP) by demonstrating your expertise, I quickly want to add that you shouldn’t respond to every RFP that comes your way. If only I had a nickel (okay, maybe a buck) for every proposal that I’ve been involved with that was a… Continue Reading

What Do Your Clients Want?

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Although lawyers don’t often consider themselves consultants to their clients, I contend that is exactly what they are. Sure, they can be more than that (as in advocate, mouthpiece in the courtroom or during negotiations and the like), but consultants they are. So, when I saw the list of items that Mike McLaughlin at Guerrilla… Continue Reading

General Counsels Do Hire Small Firms

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Henry Gottlieb’s article on “Swimming with the Big Fish” that appeared in the New Jersey Law Journal and Small Firm Business relates several examples of where small law firms have been hired by large corporations. But it is important to understand why. One or more factors pop out from the article as being helpful and… Continue Reading

Solo Develops Great Marketing Tool

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Dave Swanner, a solo practitioner and author of South Carolina Trial Law Blog, created quite a buzz at last weekend’s BlawgThink in Chicago. I had communicated with Dave previously but had not met him until then. He presented each attendee with an attractively packaged CD entitled “Winning With PowerPoint.” It contains 100 slide presentations of… Continue Reading