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General Counsels Do Hire Small Firms

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Henry Gottlieb’s article on “Swimming with the Big Fish” that appeared in the New Jersey Law Journal and Small Firm Business relates several examples of where small law firms have been hired by large corporations. But it is important to understand why. One or more factors pop out from the article as being helpful and… Continue Reading

Solo Develops Great Marketing Tool

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Dave Swanner, a solo practitioner and author of South Carolina Trial Law Blog, created quite a buzz at last weekend’s BlawgThink in Chicago. I had communicated with Dave previously but had not met him until then. He presented each attendee with an attractively packaged CD entitled “Winning With PowerPoint®.” It contains 100 slide presentations of… Continue Reading

Need Marketing Prospects? Check Your Rolodex.

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

Your rolodex (or equivalent) contains many potential sources of new legal work. If you’re like most people your contacts include clients, former clients, referral sources, potential clients, family, friends, classmates, etc. All can help you obtain new matters. An article suggesting you “Roll Your Rolodex for New Clients” by Olivia Fox Cabane of Spitfire Communications… Continue Reading

More On The Perfect Client

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Well, as promised The Greatest American Lawyer blog has given us Post #1 on her/his view of what makes the perfect client. Here they are: *Loyalty *Hard Working *Sensible *Trustworthy AND … Brave, Clean, Reverent, Etc. Just kidding! But I suppose the perfect client is somewhat like a Boy/Girl Scout. They’re good people and easy… Continue Reading

Competing With Larger Law Firms

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

I have long advocated that small firms can compete with larger law firms. In an earlier post I pointed out a several ways that small firms can get on the radar screen of corporations. It doesn’t mean that you can compete in every situation, but as noted there are ways to do so. In an… Continue Reading

Believe in What You Are Selling

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

I’m sure you have heard the expression, she or he “could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo.” (We won’t get into the fact that Eskimos have indoor plumbing, etc. and actually could use a refrigerator – but you get the point). Which is, that successful salespersons must believe in their product, and if they do,… Continue Reading

Have You Developed a Referral Culture?

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Some lawyers are reluctant to ask for referrals from clients and others. In surveys that I have been involved in over the years, often I have heard in response – to the question why a client has not referred business to the law firm – “I haven’t been asked.” John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing… Continue Reading

Develop a Referral “Thank You” System

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

I was astounded to learn that a law firm had received 10 referrals from another lawyer, but NEVER formally thanked the person. “Oh, he knows how much we appreciate the referrals, we’re good friends.” Yah! John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing gave an example of an over-the-fence referral involving a neighbor, who John referred to… Continue Reading

Is Your Website a Noun or a Verb?

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Every one who has a website should read Seth Godin’s entertaining post which asks the question whether your website is a noun or a verb. His point is that it should demonstrate action (verb) versus being a dormant, inanimate blob (noun). As Seth puts it people (read clients) are more interested in things that move,… Continue Reading

Turn Clients into Marketers

Posted in Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

There were a couple of posts I saw recently that reminded me that happy clients can become the best source of new business. According to Jackie at the Church oftheCustomer.com they can become customer evangelists which she says comes about as a result of a remarkable product or service, which turns customers into true believers,… Continue Reading

Top 10 Marketing Tips: No. 6 – Talk it Up With More Speeches

Posted in Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

Speaking engagements make my top 6 list of best marketing activities. Like writing articles, columns, or books, speaking adds the additional advantage of putting you in the same room with potential clients where you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise AND develop an emotional bond with your audience. These opportunities have led to immediate work… Continue Reading

How Many Contacts Have You Made Lately

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing has a good point in reminding us that the one quarter of the year has passed, and he asks the question about how many prospects his audience has contacted in 2005. More importantly in my mind is how many clients, former clients and referral contacts you and your firm’s… Continue Reading

Give Your Name and Business Card to Those You Meet

Posted in Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

I won’t say that lawyers are like the college chancellor Bob Weiss met……but maybe some are worse. They don’t understand how to say hello. When someone hands you their business card, you should certainly return the favor. Yes, “favor” because both of you could possibly help each other’s organization in terms of marketing. Further, you… Continue Reading

Competing with Larger Firms

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

Lawyers in small firms can compete with those in larger firms even though many don’t think they can. Actually they may have an advantage. Both large and small firms represent smaller businesses and individuals. As a result, lawyers in small firms may have an advantage because these clients are very sensitive to: *large firm rates,… Continue Reading

Daily Networking Opportunities

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

With the pressures of our daily lives – both work related and our personal responsibilities outside of work, it is easy to push aside marketing activities such as networking. The latter requires thinking about with whom, what, when and where to undertake the activities needed to meet people who can become clients or referral sources…. Continue Reading

Lawyers Should Enjoy Their Work and Clients

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

A few years back David Maister, an international management consultant to professional service firms, wrote in his book True Professionalism that, based on a survey of firms he worked with, in excess of 50% of lawyers merely tolerated or hated the work they did and the clients they did it for. How incredibly sad! I… Continue Reading