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Two Key Words for Increased Success

Posted in Marketing Tips

How often do you forget to say “Thank You?” Personally, I stand guilty of this omission occasionally myself. Okay, okay, I know it’s hard to believe, but it does happen. Roy Ginsburg had a post on Attorney at Work awhile back where he talks about mistakes made by job seekers’ in failing to thank the… Continue Reading

Marketing Litigators

Posted in Marketing Tips

Although there are some differences in how to market litigators, there are things that work for transactional lawyers that also work for those who try cases for living. The question as to how to promote a litigation practice was put to three members of LMA whose response in “Marketing a Litigation Practice?” appeared on Attorney… Continue Reading

Law Firm Marketing is Like Politics … and Hunting!

Posted in Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

How timely in this particular month that my old standby for marketing ideas would address the relationship between politics and marketing.  Larry Smith and Richard Levick in 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons for Marketing & Communications Professionals state in today’s meditation: “All marketing is even more local than politics. Marketing is one person at a… Continue Reading

Avoid Client RFPs

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

A recently released survey by LexisNexis® reported on an increased level of RFP activity by law firms of various sizes. (See Summary here).  The results surprised me somewhat for a couple of reasons. Some results: Close to half the 359 survey participants (41%) couldn’t tell how many RFPs they dealt with on a monthly basis… Continue Reading

Marketing Success in 4 Words

Posted in Marketing Tips

Make it your lifestyle. That’s it.  Simple, huh? It is according to Larry Smith and Richard Levick of Levick Strategic Communications in their 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons For Marketing & Communications Professionals.  Their meditation for Wednesday of this week consists of just four words: “Marketing is a lifestyle”. For many lawyers that would mean… Continue Reading

Don’t Send DUMB E-mails

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

Do not – repeat – do not send stupid, overly emotional, inappropriate emails. Have you ever sent an email that you wish you hadn’t?  Of course you have.  And I stand guilty as charged myself.  I’m not just talking about an incomplete one, or hitting the Send key before proof reading typos or such.  Everyone… Continue Reading