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If You Are Breathing, You’re Marketing!

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Okay, that’s another of my infamous generalizations. But stick with me a second. I really do believe that everything a lawyer does – at least as s/he interacts with another human being – is marketing.

I was reminded of this basic, fundamental principle when it comes to developing business in any personal services arena when I came across my friend Dan Hull’s post “When you work, you are marketing” over at What About Clients? blog wherein he refers to Rule 6 (his favorite) of his 12 Rules of marketing. It is definitely worth a read.

And here is an earlier post of mine on the same topic:

“Everything You Do as a Lawyer is Marketing”

Take a look.

  • I read through both of those posts and I agree with the theories for the most part. I think that in general, life is about selling yourself to others. And for lawyers, you are selling your skills and knowledge to everyone you meet because anyone can be a client.

  • “If You Are Breathing, You’re Marketing!”

    Posted by Tom Kane: ?kay, that? another of my infamous generalizations. But stick with me a second. I really do