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Top 2012 Goal: Client Retention

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

As 2011 winds down (this year seems to have particularly flown by), it is time to start setting goals for next year. Since approximately 80% of law firm work comes from existing clients (in the form of new work or referrals) or other referral sources, client satisfaction and retention (except for criminal defense, PI and… Continue Reading

Coaching or The Buddy System

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

What I especially like about Seth Godin is his pithy posts which plant plenty of powerful (p)ideas in my pons (part of brainstem). Okay, I didn’t do that well on that one, but heck it’s only Tuesday. The point is that his recent brief post about “The Buddy System” got me thinking about a modified… Continue Reading

Is Widespread Use of Alternative Fees Still a Long Way Off?

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

According to a feature article in this month’s InsideCounsel one consultant who helps clients structure alternative fee arrangements "estimates that only about 2% of total legal billings currently are being done on alternative basis – but he contends it’s an increasing trend." That certainly isn’t a surprise. He goes on to say "I’d expect that… Continue Reading

Warren Buffett’s (and Wayne Gretzky’s) Advice Applies To Law Firm Marketing

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

While some may be in denial, Warren Buffett writes in an Op-Ed piece in The New York Times (free registration required) that the “financial world is a mess”… but that he is now “buying American stocks.” He’s talking about his personal account (not his Bershire Hathaway holdings) which traditionally has been entirely in U.S. Government bonds…. Continue Reading

Strategic Marketing or Just Common Sense During a Recession?

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

Ran across an interesting article by Glenn Ebersole that appears on EzineArticles.com that talks about the need for a strategic action plan during a recession. Strategic planning is always a good idea, but sometimes we consultants can overcomplicate a process when a common sense approach is all we’re talking about. Although I may not precisely agree… Continue Reading

How is Your Marketing Plan Coming Along?

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

Be honest. Do you have a written marketing plan? Well, join the other 95% of lawyers who don’t – at least that is the percentage of business people that don’t have one according to Drew McLellan over at Small Business Branding. And I agree. Further, I concur with Drew that a “To Do List” doesn’t count. His excellent… Continue Reading